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Under Mech77

Under the present situation and time limits, it seems very much important to know what comes under the purview of Mechanical Design.  There are plenty of resources for Industrial Design. So conceptualization , CAD , Renderings can be covered under Industrial Design . And there is Manufacturing knowledge which is an intersection between Mech and Industrial. So read Industrial material first and then Mech. Sketching need to be mastered!!! to present concepts. And 3D Modelling should be at lightning speeds. Creative Problem Solving comes in when solving real problem.

Open Source Software

CAD Software - FreeCAD - Component Design Assembly - Blender! Simulation: Simscale FEA - Code_Aster Salome Elmer FEM Simscale CFD - OpenFOAM Simscale Thermal Convective - OpenFOAM Simscale Thermal Conductive - Code_Aster Simscale Thermo-Structural - Code_Aster

Mechanisms 101

Get into Mechanisms only if you want to convert one type of motion to another. Motion conversion can be achieved multiple ways. Always choose an optimum one, least space, least weight, least cost, least num of components, etc.  Predicting motion is all Math. Algebra and Geometry mostly. And programming tools can come real handy. Some of the tools which are developed specific to the type of mechanisms. While some are generic, like Adams.