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All About Gear

To transmit motion between two shafts. or a shaft and a slide. Sliding motion between Gears tooth surfaces. Omega = Angular Velocity (rad/s) Omega1*Radius1 = Omega2*Radius2 Practical limit for Velocity Ratio... for Spur Gears = 6 for Helical Gears = 10 for higher ratios, two or more Gear Pairs are used. Parallel Shafts: Spur Gears - since Line Contact,      -  Sudden application of load,      -  high impact stresses,      -  excessive noise at high speeds. Helical Gears - starts with a point contact and extends along a diagonal line across the teeth - low impact stresses, reduction in noise.  Spur Rack (infinite diameter), Pinion, Gear External Gear, Internal Gear External Pinion, External Gear => One rotates in CW, One rotates in CCW External Pinion, Internal Gear => Both rotate in same direction