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Design Speed - How Fast you can Design

Analogy.. How fast you can speak depends on how fast your thoughts are (flow of thoughts) and.. how long have been Fast/Articulated Speaking. How fast you can type depends on Muscle Memory and.. Speed and Dexterity of fingers. Similarly, how fast you can design depends on your ability to manipulate 3d thoughts in your head and.. Familiarity with CAD software interface. First one is mental ability and second one is skill (which comes with practice) The latter can be improved within short time. But the former..

Limitations in Designing

Writing vs Designing

Both Writing and Designing are Creative fields.  For (Creative) Writing to happen, one should Read extensively. Have their fair share everyday. Similarly, to create (Great) Designs, one should feed themselves with other Designs. It's not about reproducing the same content. But, mix and matching the intrinsic features to create a completely new creature.

Under Mech77

Under the present situation and time limits, it seems very much important to know what comes under the purview of Mechanical Design.  There are plenty of resources for Industrial Design. So conceptualization , CAD , Renderings can be covered under Industrial Design . And there is Manufacturing knowledge which is an intersection between Mech and Industrial. So read Industrial material first and then Mech. Sketching need to be mastered!!! to present concepts. And 3D Modelling should be at lightning speeds. Creative Problem Solving comes in when solving real problem.

Open Source Software

CAD Software - FreeCAD - Component Design Assembly - Blender! Simulation: Simscale FEA - Code_Aster Salome Elmer FEM Simscale CFD - OpenFOAM Simscale Thermal Convective - OpenFOAM Simscale Thermal Conductive - Code_Aster Simscale Thermo-Structural - Code_Aster