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Mechanisms 101

Get into Mechanisms only if you want to convert one type of motion to another. Motion conversion can be achieved multiple ways. Always choose an optimum one, least space, least weight, least cost, least num of components, etc.  Predicting motion is all Math. Algebra and Geometry mostly. And programming tools can come real handy. Some of the tools which are developed specific to the type of mechanisms. While some are generic, like Adams.

Becoming Mechanical Design Engineer...

1) Decide the Project  2) Identify the Problem 3) What is the Solution? Generic Concept: Put conceptual solution in generic terms. Write down all solutions possible and not possible in plain simple words. Now perform feasibility analysis and choose top 3 solutions. Develop a prototype. Create a design. Based on Manufacturing feasibility. 3D Modelling. Easiest software. Select materials based on desired characteristics. Create functional prototype. List down test cases. Validate the idea. Put down your requirement. Notepad Pen down your thoughts (functionalities and characteristics) of product. A4 Sheets and Pen. Make 3D Model. Solidworks or Fusion 360 or FreeCAD Motion Simulation. Solidworks or Adams (if required) Suggest free alternative in comments. Choose Material MatWeb Analysis. Fusion 360 or Solidworks Ansys or Elmer Prototype. Standard Parts 3D Printing (FDM, SLA, SLS) - Plastic  Resin Casting or Vacuum Casting - Rubber Machining - Metal

Project Solidworks

Though I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer, I hardly ever worked with a CAD Software like Solidworks. God has blessed me that way, if I see it in an optimestic way. But, I strongly regret my lack of this 3D Modelling/CAD skills.  Performing modifications at part or assembly level is one thing and building something from scratch is totally a different thing. It is likely that a person good at the latter won't be interested in performing the latter and vice versa. And I stuck at the former part due to comfort zone and I want to come out of it. But I figurered there seems to be a scientific reason (neuroscience) for me staying away from the latter. In a nutshell, one task requires a focussed state of mind and another would require a diffused state of mind. And it's impossible to have both state of minds at the same time. The state of minds can be switched but not at a click of a button. (Ref: Knowledge Project Podcast) In this blog post, I would be laying down my path towards...

Start Your Search Today

The first place goto place if we don't know something is often a search engine (Google, in my case). On a sidenote, Google has a lot custom search options just under the search bar. Do have a look when you get time.  Besides, Google search bar also supports some invisible filters and powerful search operators, which can make your search much more rewarding. I mean, you will be rewarded with astonishing results. Good to see that today people even use other social media platforms as a search engine. Social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, so..on has become a great place even for marketers. Though Youtube, Reddit, Quora, Amazon is no less. Pardon me, I will be shifting the gears here little bit.  Search engines are great. But only relevant the stuff I already know. It shits articles based on my keyword input. What if I have a problem and I don't know how to express it for a search engine? To be continued...