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Late by 45 Minutes

 The look on the face of Gopi. I can't forget. I think he just registered it some diary within his mind. Don't know when he is going to blast the bomb.  Truly speaking my sleep and eat timings are getting random. May be because I'm so lazy. Procrastination. I feel that I have a strong need to take Ankur Warikoo's Time management course as well. Given that the price is little higher, I suppose the course will be little better. Well, I purchased the course. Not because I think the course will have a great content but I feel that I have spent some amount for managing time, atleast because of that I get a sense of time value. And this sekhar buddy is sharing a lot to me. But haven't spoken much. Do I need to speak? Well, I still feel bad for Gopi and of course for myself. By the way got to know that Gopi works on Weekends too, because just like me he can't focus in noisy environments and does his studies on weekends.
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Checking out Public Speaking course by Ankur Warikoo

 After having dreadful defeat with my first Presentation with O-Rings. I felt there is a strong need to work on this skill of Public Speaking. A quick Google Search and BuzzSumo and Answer The Public came to a great use in find out what others are searching and what solutions content writers have for them and who are the Influencers in this area. But I found only one true shortlist. Olivia Mitchell from (domain name sounds naive though). She writes and helps introverts with Public Speaking. Although I'm not sure of here methods yet, since her blog posts are superficial, out of the three posts I read not a single one has a solution to the problem.  Continuing with Ankur Warikoo's course on Public Speaking (How to Speak Effectively), it is really really vague. Although he do have some top level pointers like Story Telling is key to any presentation, Structure is important for any presentation, he mentioned a little about Nervousness but nothing on how

All About Gear

To transmit motion between two shafts. or a shaft and a slide. Sliding motion between Gears tooth surfaces. Omega = Angular Velocity (rad/s) Omega1*Radius1 = Omega2*Radius2 Practical limit for Velocity Ratio... for Spur Gears = 6 for Helical Gears = 10 for higher ratios, two or more Gear Pairs are used. Parallel Shafts: Spur Gears - since Line Contact,      -  Sudden application of load,      -  high impact stresses,      -  excessive noise at high speeds. Helical Gears - starts with a point contact and extends along a diagonal line across the teeth - low impact stresses, reduction in noise.  Spur Rack (infinite diameter), Pinion, Gear External Gear, Internal Gear External Pinion, External Gear => One rotates in CW, One rotates in CCW External Pinion, Internal Gear => Both rotate in same direction

It's Summer Here, How About Designing some Ice Cubes?

  By the way I'm a Mechanical  Design Engineer. And I was pretty poor at designing. And I feel this is pretty easy way to learn to design things.  My Mantra towards designing things is (if you're not a pro), start with pretty basic geometry and build from there. Since you'll be building things only virtually, you shouldn't be wasting any material or energy. So, for the first tutorial let's move on with designing an ice cube. My choice of CAD software for accomplishing this would be Autodesk Fusion 360. Being a simple person and also a math fanatic, I start with simple geometries.. something like below. The next step I will be doing is to taper all the sides with a draft of 15 deg. After the modification the design will be altered as below. Fusion allows us to do this by rotating the side faces about the top edges by means of a  Mystic Wheel .  Note: There is another way to achieve the above design, by Lofting the above and below face sketches. And the reason for not

Design Speed - How Fast you can Design

Analogy.. How fast you can speak depends on how fast your thoughts are (flow of thoughts) and.. how long have been Fast/Articulated Speaking. How fast you can type depends on Muscle Memory and.. Speed and Dexterity of fingers. Similarly, how fast you can design depends on your ability to manipulate 3d thoughts in your head and.. Familiarity with CAD software interface. First one is mental ability and second one is skill (which comes with practice) The latter can be improved within short time. But the former..

Limitations in Designing

Writing vs Designing

Both Writing and Designing are Creative fields.  For (Creative) Writing to happen, one should Read extensively. Have their fair share everyday. Similarly, to create (Great) Designs, one should feed themselves with other Designs. It's not about reproducing the same content. But, mix and matching the intrinsic features to create a completely new creature.